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While remodeling your kitchen, the cabinetry is an important decision. You have to choose everything wisely as it may be one of your most significant investments, and you will not be able to change it for a long time.

Both your left and right brain are involved in evaluating different kinds of kitchen layouts and the type of materials to be used. The analytical sides of your brain will consider factors like the overall budget and kitchen layout. It will be more bothered about the space you will give to your unique possessions.

However, the right brain is a bit creative. It will be busy considering the color combinations and hardware choices that will make your neighbors envious of you. But you know that both of them are equally important. Hence, here are some of the things you can keep in mind while selecting your kitchen cabinetry.


It may not make sense to go for every item’s best and premium variant when you may have to regret it later. You may discover in the end that you can not afford that much budget. That’s why you should decide on an affordable budget amount. Later on, you will be proud of your correct decisions.

There are so many ways of saving money on remodeling without compromising on your real expectations in terms of finishing. For instance, You need not replace the entire kitchen. You can keep the frames if they are in good condition and change only the doors to get the perfect looks on a better budget. Similarly, you may get similar or better looks using an alternate material and that too at a lower price.

Custom or Prefabrication

You may have to decide whether you want to customize your kitchen or use prefabricated items. Smart Choice Kitchens custom cabinets are much better if you have a sufficient budget. A skilled kitchen designer can suggest the best possible styles for new kitchen cabinets based on your space’s blueprint. He can optimize the storage space and efficiency of the redesigned kitchen.

There are endless possibilities in customized cabinets. For example, the designer can perfectly shape the corner cabinets to your kitchen wall and locate the pull-out drawers and appliance garages conveniently. The designer firm can design the kitchen in line with the way you cook. Never choose standard cabinets as they may not appeal to you.

The only negative aspect of customized cabinetry is its prohibitive cost. On average, it costs about $500 per running foot for bespoke custom cabinets, whereas stock cabinets may cost as low as $70. You save a handsome amount of money if you don’t customize your cabinets.

Finally, it boils down to your overall budget and your requirements. If you are not sure, you may consider semi-customized cabinets that use style and colors in stock. They can customize those inset stock door styles to fit in your kitchen.

Layout and Storage

If the existing layout is bothering you, you cannot afford to change the kitchen layout by redesigning the entire kitchen. Our designers can help you design an optimized kitchen layout as per your needs while remodeling your kitchen.

At this point, based on existing storage, you can also determine the additional amount of storage you need and the type of material that can work best for you.

Door Style and Finish

After finalizing the budget and layout logistics, it is the right time to decide the fun part — the looks you want. The door styles will depend on the kitchen style you choose — modern, conventional, or somewhere in between. Contemporary or modern door styles are the simplest of the lot. However, the traditional kitchen styles provide enough scope for adding embellishments.

The door material will also have a significant impact on the finishing. Both cherry wood and painted white doors will have diametrically opposite looks. The finish will also affect which material you select. For instance, stain finish is suitable for wooden doors, whereas you can opt for a painted finish on several door materials.


Your choice of hardware will also determine the overall kitchen appearance. Brass hardware is warmer, whereas steel may give a sleeker look. Ultimately, it entirely depends on how you want the kitchen space to feel.

Choosing kitchen cabinets in Mississauga as per your needs can be both challenging and a fun process. Allow our team of professional designers to help you in selecting the perfect kitchen cabinetry for your dream home.

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